Conferences and Workshops

The department conducts a series of national and international conferences, workshops, short-term training programmes, refresher courses, etc. These programmes are aimed to professionals working in libraries, students, academicians of all disciplines, knowledge managers, IT service providers, academic administrators, policy planners and other stakeholders of library and information centres. The proceedings of the conferences with ISBN are designed and printed at the Calicut University Press.

Date      Conferences/Workshops
23–27 March 2022 Five Day National Library Technology Workshop (LTW 2022)

08th March 2022

International Women’s Day 2022 on Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow and Empowering Women Library Professionals

02–04 March 2022

International Conference on Success and Survival Strategies for LIS Profession

22–24 February 2022

National Workshop on Data Analysis for Social Science
12-28 February 2022 Value Added Course on Research and Publication Ethics
12-31 August 2021  

Value Added Course on Information and Cyber Security

2021   Webinars and Invited Talks in 2021

23–25 January 2020


Three-Day National Workshop on Web Authoring and Designing

25th January 2020  

Prof. Manoj Kumar K delivered an invited talk on Research Ethics and Plagiarism on 25th January 2020 at 10.00 a.m.

22–23 February 2019  

National Conference on Innovations and Transformations in Libraries (NCITL 2019)

26-31 January 2019   Library Technology Workshop (LTW 2019)

14–15 March 2018


National Workshop on Scientometrics to Altmetrics

19–21 February 2018  

National Conference on Information Technology in Libraries: Diversity and Innovation


23-25 March, 2017


Three-Day National Workshop on How to Avoid Plagiarism

31 August 2016   One-Day Seminar on Expanding Horizons and Job Opportunities in LIS

30–31 January 2015


National Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Management (NCKDM)


11 - 12 December, 2014


UGC Sponsored Two-Day Workshop on Plagiarism and Reference Management


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